The M360 Energy Solutions Team helps customers realize positive financial outcomes for facilities through better and more efficient use of resources.  We will work with you to design and implement a sustainable approach to your facility upgrades.

Our team forms a working partnership with you to improve efficiency and maximize incentives.  Our customers have received millions of dollars in grants, rebates and incentives through our assistance.

  • Project Financing
  • Capital Funding
  • Bonds
  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Purchase Agreement
  • Additional Funding Options

Project Financing

M360 has a number of purchase options available that allow flexibility to choose which options best fit your financial criteria and funding available.   We will help facilitate the financing process without any additional costs to the rate and fees proposed by the provider.  Once the final project scope is determined and all costs and savings are guaranteed, M360 will work with you to identify and secure the most competitive rate and terms for financing.  The interest start date, accrued escrow earnings, additional costs and fees, and other aspects all need to be considered when exploring financing options.

Capital Funding

Capital funding can be used to offset the total cost of the project or reduce payments to match the energy savings.


Bond financing would carry the current tax-exempt borrowing rate based on your credit rating and there would be the normal fees and expenses associated with any bond issue.

Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Purchase Agreement

This is the most typical type of financing used for performance contracts.  This is used as a way to minimize expenses associated with obtaining funding and reduce the need for obtaining public support that may be required to issues bonds.

The terms of the permanent financing is typically between 5 and 15 years based on the needs of the facilities.  Lenders are generally willing to accept the one-year allocation of funding (linked to annual appropriations).

Additional Funding Options

M360 will secure other funding opportunities usually in the form of tax credits, utility rebates and incentives, or state or federal grants.